The Easiest Healthy Dessert using Jomeis Lattes

This recipe has become one of may favorite desserts or it could even be any easy breakfast. Easy to change to dairy free by using coconut yoghurt or other plant based yoghurt.

For this recipe you only need plain greek yoghurt, berries and any of the Jomeis Lattes.  In this photo I have used the Beetroot Latte, which has a delicious cinnamon and nutmeg taste to it. 

Simply add a teaspoon of the latte powder to a serve of greek yoghurt and stir well.  Coconut yoghurt would also be delicious if you wanted to make this dairy free. 

Once mixed top with berries or other topping of your choice.  I add Strawberries, blueberries and my mulberry chia seed jam. 

The colour of the beetroot latte gets me every time, I will add this latte to almost anything.  Get experimenting and let me know what you think.........


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